Episode 18 - Best Christmas Presents

In the season 1 finale, we recall back to a time when we were selfish little shits who bugged our parents for handouts. This episode is about those unforgettable gifts we received on Christmas throughout the years.

(We'll try to sound as humble as we can while also secretly wishing we could still get gifts like we used to...because we're greedy assholes!)

Season 2 starts January 8th!

Episode 15 - Crushes Over 50

Beauty standards, today, skew towards the young and thin. Not on this episode, baby! On this episode, we talk about women over the age of 50 who we find amazing and attractive. Age doesn't matter and neither does looks when it comes to someone who is master of their craft. Is there a way to say we find these women attractive, while NOT sounding like creeps? If there is we haven't thought of it. We celebrate you ladies!

Episode 12 - What would you take with you 200 years in the past?

The year is 1817. There is no way around it, you have to go back into the past. What three things would you bring you to give you a leg up in pre-industrialized America? Would you look to save those around you with modern medicine or would you create the sport of “Taylor Ball”? We offer up our top 3’s and show to each other (and the world) how selfish we are.

Episode 11 - Zombie Apocolypse

With the rise in popularity of all things zombie, in this episode we sit down to discuss what we would do if we were unlucky enough to find ourselves in a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! I'm sure everyone has thought of what the best course of action would be and we try to convince each other (and ourselves) that we have a chance at surviving the undead. This episode the first holiday themed episode, so listen and enjoy you Halloweeners!