Minisode - You Ruined Grandmas Dinner!

Sometimes...late at night...when Taylor and Tyler are asleep...Talmon is feverishly adding strange and often times troublesome ideas to the groups shared ideas folder--this is one of them. The premise is "what would you bring to the family potluck in order to never be invited back?" If that sounds odd, just be happy we didn't do some of the other ideas Talmon came up with. 


Episode 50 - Little Known History

Ladies and gentlemen: we don't know how, but we made it to 50 episodes! We wanted to make it special so we've got all kinds of show firsts. We got history lessons. We got our first time answer calls on the show. We got special intro music. We've got a lot of new stuff that we're not sure is great but we've got it baby!

(All history is based on quick cursory glances at the top 3 search results of our searches. What more do you want from a history episode than for the speakers to have only a loose understanding of the material?)

Episode 49 - Wild Card 4

Ladies and gentlemen, the 4th (and probably last) Wild Card is upon us! It is filled with those hard hitting questions that shake us to our very core and redefine us as human beings going forward. Psych! It's usually filled with dick and poo things, but maybe not. Maybe this time, someone bucked the trend and had us question the ties behind our friendship. Find out today!

One Year Anniversary "Forgot To Mention"

IT’S OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! There are a number of dumb idioms and sayings we could use here to describe the advancement of time but we’re better than that. This week’s topic is a retrospective one titled “Forgot to mention” where we go back through a years worth of topics and pick three episodes we felt we needed to do justice to. We’re happy about our first year and look forward another year of making you laugh.

This is a NYC institution that Tyler’s family sullied with his rude tourist demands.

This is a NYC institution that Tyler’s family sullied with his rude tourist demands.