Episode 37 - Bummers: Or Times When We Were Douches feat. "Taylor?"

When “Taylor” had an accident at a Christmas party…

To err is human. In this episode we find out we are the most human people alive. This week is dedicated to all the times we have let down or bummed out the people around us. Whether they be friends, family, co-workers: no one can escape our terrible selves. The episode was supposed to be just Talmon and Tyler, but "Taylor" flew back from France just in time to help us this week. What dedication he has to the show to catch a flight back, so as to not miss an episode. What a joy!

Episode 36 - Wild Card 3

Oh my god, we're back again (if you didn't ready that to the melody of Backstreet Boys' "Everybody" what is wrong with you). We're back for another round of our wild card episode but with something new added into the mix. We get an episode update about "Episode 34 - Fast Food Items" Mr. Chau's. Tyler's questions are so "fire" they bring about a show first improve between Talmon and Taylor. You are in for a treat maybe. 


Tyler to Taylor:

If you had to chose a sexual fetish with your partner, would it be...


Taylor to Talmon

If you came across the Sasquatch, would you capture it or let it be?


Talmon to Tyler

If skateboards were never invented, who would've your high school clique been?

Episode 34 - Fast Food Items

Remember that one time we went live on Facebook and Instagram during our recording? We don't either. The episode was lost to us and to you...probably for the better to be honest. In this episode, we talk about the fast food items we love. When we all die of various cancers, look to this episode as a map to why. Some might ask why eat this stuff, we say why not get out of our drunken faces!


Taco Bell - Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Taylor's Pick


In and Out Burger...burgers


Jack n the Box - Tacos

Tyler's Pick

Episode 32 - Our Firsts

When was the first time you got drunk? The first time you got in serious trouble with your parents? What about the first time marijuana may or may not have entered your lungs depending upon the legality in your state? In this episode we talk about different first times that were memorable to us and none of them are the same. We went rogue in this episode and only time will tell if it was a good idea.


Episode 31 - Video Game Mechanics (you'd want in life)

Ever wonder how Mario, an overweight plumber, could run across worlds and not break a sweat or get tired? Wouldn’t it be nice if the rules or powers of a video game (the mechanics) were brought to life? In this episode we talk about the things from games we’d like to have in our lives. Health potions, save points, cheat codes are all up for grabs as we discuss our most desirable game mechanics.

Episode 30 - If It's On, I'll Watch It

It's Sunday afternoon, you have to get groceries, do laundry, and clean the apartment. BUT GUESS WHAT?! The Goonies is on so you're going to sit and watch a 3 hour commercially intereupted movie that you already own and have seen enough to know they say "sh*t" 19 times. These are the movies that, when they come on the tv, you can't help but watch them. Waste of time? Maybe. But we can't stop ourselves and we don't want to stop either.