Episode 44 - Y tho? (Fads / Trends We Don't Understand)

Hind sight is 20/20 and it is easy to question and ridicule the fads of our childhood. But some trends arise that are so perplexing and dumb that, as soon as we see them, we have to ask ourselves, "Y tho?". This episode is dedicated to current trends that we don't need time to realize they are stupid. 


Gauged Ears

Talmon's Pick


High Waisted (Baggy) Jeans

Taylors Pick


Mumble Rap

Tyler's Pick

Episode 41 - One Hit Wonders

No one knows why a song becomes a hit more than another. Yes, music and melody play a part but there is that intangible, undefinable thing that makes them memorable-- even if the artist/group fades into obscurity. This episode is all about the one hit wonders that stuck with us and the rest the America as that one great song from a forgotten artist. 

Taylor's Picks

Talmon's Picks

Tyler's Picks

Episode 39 - Conspiracy Theories

All hail the Lizard People! Along with the help of ancient aliens and false flag operations we can now fully embrace our digital nanny Alexa as our overlords (we tried to put as many conspiracies in there before our brain started to break). This week we run down our lists for our favorite conspiracy theories. Surprisingly, there were no duplicates. Which goes to show you how many there are out there. 


"New Coke" Conspiracy

Coka-Cola's "New Coke" was made to bait-and-switch high fructose corn syrup in for actual sugar, as a means to save money.


The Mandela Effect:

Berenstain vs. Berenstein Bears


Episode 37 - Bummers: Or Times When We Were Douches feat. "Taylor?"

When “Taylor” had an accident at a Christmas party…

To err is human. In this episode we find out we are the most human people alive. This week is dedicated to all the times we have let down or bummed out the people around us. Whether they be friends, family, co-workers: no one can escape our terrible selves. The episode was supposed to be just Talmon and Tyler, but "Taylor" flew back from France just in time to help us this week. What dedication he has to the show to catch a flight back, so as to not miss an episode. What a joy!