59 - Looking Back w/ "Beverly"

We were beyond excited to have "Beverly" as a special guest these next two episodes. There are those friends that you don't see very often due to: work, family, school, distance, but then as soon as you start talking it's like you're picking up from a conversation you were just having. As a listener of the show, and having been present at a number of our most embarrassing moments, he had to interject his perspective on some things we might have left out. It went so long we had to break it up into two parts, so enjoy part one with part two arriving next week!

57 - 80's Movies

It was a simpler time then: day glow, new wave, dangerously strong cocaine (the result of which gave life to many of the things we talk about). This week we talk about our favorite movies from the 80's! Are they perfect? No. Are they problematic within our current climate? Yes. Does that affect our love of them? Depends on whose asking. Either way-- we love the and so should you!