Artist rendition of a Sloth by Talmon

Artist rendition of a Sloth by Talmon

Episode 19

"I'd be that animal"

Aaaaaaaaaaand we're back! Season 2 starts off with an episode we have dubbed, "I'd be that animal". We talk about animals we identify with and wouldn't mind living out our lives as. Also, in an episode first, Talmon is 100% prepared for an episode! It's almost worth a listen on that alone. 

Ready, set, BEGIN SEASON 2!


episode 20

"Wild Card 2"

It's that time again. It's time for the boys of Slightly Listing to take a trip to hypothetical land for our "what ifs" and "would you rather" questions in what we have dubbed "Wild Card" episodes.

From the serious (Would you rather know the meaning of life or if there is an afterlife) to the not so serious (would you rather sleep next to a dead person or sleep next to two dead animals) to the dumb (would you rather eat spicey food every meal or ice cream every meal).

We ask the questions that no one wants to answer. 

episode 21

"90's Fads

Like most 30 somethings, the 90's were only 10 years ago and we cry when we remember how to math. Another things that makes us sad is thinking about all the horrible fads that plagued our childhood decade. The clothes, the toys, the styles - some have aged better than others. We are talking about the ones that didn't

The video that inspired

tyler to skate

episode 22

 "Regrettable Listens"

We all have those songs we listened to that we're embarrassed to admit we liked. Hell, our first episode was about out guilty pleasure songs. But this episode is different.

This episode we talk about those songs we didn't want anyone knowing we liked. Songs from our past that we would like to keep IN THE PAST.

What starts as a cathartic trip down embarrassment lane ends in anger, disgust, and disappointment. We sincerely regret listening to these songs.

episode 23

"Urban Legends"

     Every culture has them, ours are just a little dumber. This weeks episode we talk about our favorite urban legends: from the spooky, to the terrible, to the down right stupid our top 3's are as varied as can be considering an urban legend can span numerous genres. 


Episode 24

"Things That Annoy Your Significant Other"

Happy Valentines Day everyone! In this episode we have each of our significant others write out a list of the top 3 of things that your very own show hosts do that annoy them. It's all in good fun and a way to vent some well deserved frustration, but it brings to light some obvious faults in the hosts as people. No one's perfect! Back off!


episode 25

Times You Were Scared

     Did you see a big spider in the corner of your room? Did an uncle jump out of no where yelling "boo" (Tyler's Uncle wore a werewolf mask and chased him while Tyler cried)?

     Well these aren't those times!

     These are times we felt true fear. These are the times we were deeply and truely scared. Join us in this mild therapy session as we laugh through the pain. 

episode 26

"True Crime"

True crime is as popular as ever, and we here Slightly Listing are taking a...STAB at it. That's right, this episode is all about crime. Each round is different: round 1 is about famous robberies, round 2 is about murder, round 3 is about crimes that make us ask ourselves, "what the f*ck?!" Listen and search the histories surrounding these bizzarre cases and have fun falling down that rabbit hole. 



Talmon's Picks


Feature 2

Taylor's Picks


Feature 3

Tyler's picks

Robbery round

Here is a link to Wired Mag. They wrote an excellent piece on the entire case. 

Murder round

wtf round


Episode 27

Embarrassing Moments

     You remember the dumb thing you did when you were in grade school? It was insignificant to everyone else but keeps you up at night. Well we've got all that and more as we rehash and tell our most embarrassing moments in our lives. These are the kinds of things that usually come out in therapy sessions and are heralded as a break throughs...these are not. 


episode 28

Nostalgia Songs

     Have you ever had a song come on that you haven't heard in long time and have it take you back to specific time in your life? This episode is dedicated to those songs. Each of these songs holds a special place in our hearts and will always take us back in time. This was one of the first episodes we recorded so forgive out sound quality...and our (lack of) confidence. 

 Heelys can go right to hell. 

Heelys can go right to hell. 

episode 29

Can I Un-invent That? Featuring Sash

     This is our first ever guest to the show and I think it threw us through a loop. Mainly because we didn't know how the rotation went for our lists.

     We have on a friend of Talmon's named Sash for a talk about motorized unicycles and we dive into inventions that we wish we could wipe away from our collective histories. It gets weird. 


episode 30

If It's On, I'll Watch It

It's Sunday afternoon, you have to get groceries, do laundry, and clean the apartment. BUT GUESS WHAT?! The Goonies is on so you're going to sit and watch a 3 hour commercially intereupted movie that you already own and have seen enough to know they say "sh*t" 19 times. These are the movies that, when they come on the tv, you can't help but watch them. Waste of time? Maybe. But we can't stop ourselves and we don't want to stop either.


episode 31

Video Game Mechanics (we'd like in life)

     Ever wonder how Mario, an overweight plumber, could run across worlds and not break a sweat or get tired? Wouldn’t it be nice if the rules or powers of a video game (the mechanics) were brought to life?

     In this episode we talk about the things from games we’d like to have in our lives. Health potions, save points, cheat codes are all up for grabs as we discuss our most desirable game mechanics.



episode 32

Our Firsts

When was the first time you got drunk? The first time you got in serious trouble with your parents? What about the first time marijuana may or may not have entered your lungs depending upon the legality in your state? In this episode we talk about different first times that were memorable to us and none of them are the same. We went rogue in this episode and only time will tell if it was a good idea.