Episode 1

"Top 3: Guilty Pleasure Songs"

In the first ever episode of Slightly Listing, we discuss our top three guilty pleasure songs. These are songs that we all currently like as of now (regretfully) and are owning up to them. Maybe we should have picked a different episode to start considering we will lose what little credibility we have.


Host choice 

Talmon's Pick

Taylor's Pick

Tyler's Pick

Episode 2

"Top 3: Alcohols We Can No Longer Drink"

In this episode we discuss the alcohols we can no longer drink. Taste aversion is a very real thing and even talking about our top 3's give us sour mouth. Since we grew up together, we share some no-go's but the stories behind them are personal and filled with vomit.  


host choice

Talmon's Pick: Southern Comfort


Taylor's Pick: Winner's Cup

Tyler's Pick: Mickeys Malt Liquor


Episode 3

"Top 3: Celebrity Childhood Crushes"

Coming of age is an important time in everyones lives. In a young boys life it is confusing and gross. In this episode we talk about the girls and women we saw on TV and in movies that had us questioning a lot about our changing bodies. 


Episode 4

"Top 3: Genie Wishes"

In this episode we play the "be careful what you wish for" game found in the movie Bedazzeled. Or if you read, found in the short story "Monkey's Paw". If you haven't heard of either thats okay too. One host wishes and the other two do their best to twist the wish into something terrible (and hilarious). 


Episode 5

"Top 3: Stupid/Lame Super Powers"

In this episode of Slightly Listing, we sit down and discuss our top 3 list of "Stupid/Lame Super Powers". An episode dedicated to actual super powers would have been too obvious and boring, so we decided to spice it up a bit. And by "spice it up", we mean we devolved into prepubescent boys giggling about poop jokes. It's not all butt jokes, but it is a whole lot of giggling. 


Episode 6

"Top 3: Wrestling Finishing Moves"

In this episode we sit down to discuss our top 3 wrestling finishing moves. It's been a very long time since we were all avid fans of the sport, so much of what we have to say comes from half remembered chilhood memories. But what we do remember holds a large Andre the Giant sized place in our hearts.


Tyler's picks


Taylor's picks


talmon's picks


Episode 7

"Top 3: Inanimate Objects"

In this episode we get spiritual when discussing what inanimate objects we would like to be reincarnated as. What started as an innocent look into personal attachments quickly took a turn for the juvenile. I mean...what did you expect? We could only hold out for so long before the siren song of potty humor took hold and we couldn't break free of its clutches. 


Episode 8

"Wild Card"

In this weeks episode we do something different. Instead of one topic for the week, we ask several "what would you do..." and "would you rather..." questions. The questions are an equal mix of pop culture, personal fears, and dick and poop things...but with heart! A whole lotta heart...we promise!

 Meme by Talmon

Meme by Talmon

Episode 9

"Lame Ways to Die"

Did you hear about Joe? They found him dead in an all-you-can-eat restaurant bathroom after eating his weight in shrimp! Although Joe definitely got his moneys worth, that is a dumb way to die and that's what this episode is all about. Lame Ways To Die is the topic for this weeks episode and it is lame...our picks not the episode. 

 Meme by Talmon (he's getting better)

Meme by Talmon (he's getting better)

Episode 10

"Slang Terms & Phrases"

In this weeks episode, we show to the world just how out of touch we are with kids these days. "Slang Terms and Phrases" has us thinking about all the slang terms we say and has helped us understand why we couldn't hold our office jobs (being "turnt up" is no excuse for calling Janet from accounting a thot). 


Taylor's picks

Talmon's picks

Tyler's picks

Episode 11

"Zombie Apocalypse"

With the rise in popularity of all things zombie, in this episode we sit down to discuss what we would do if we were unlucky enough to find ourselves in a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! I'm sure everyone has thought of what the best course of action would be and we try to convince each other (and ourselves) that we have a chance at surviving the undead. This episode the first holiday themed episode, so listen and enjoy you Halloweeners!


Feature 1

What would Talmon do?


Feature 2

What would Taylor do?


Feature 3

What would Tyler do?

 Earliest known photo of Chicken Man

Earliest known photo of Chicken Man

Episode 12

"What would you bring with you 200 years in the past?"

The year is 1817. There is no way around it, you have to go back into the past. What three things would you bring you to give you a leg up in pre-industrialized America? Would you look to save those around you with modern medicine or would you create the sport of “Taylor Ball”? We offer up our top 3’s and show to each other (and the world) how selfish we are.


episode 13

"Last Man on Earth"

You wake up one morning to discover that everyone has vanished. In what can only be described as a (non-religious) rapture, everyone on Earth is now gone. Infrastructure is still in place, food is still on the shelves, gas is still plentiful, but there is no one to tell you what to do. 

What would you do?


Episode 14

"What fictional characters’ lives would you want to live?"

I’m sure everyone has done it (and if you say you haven’t you’re a liar and people should ignore you forever). We’ve all thought about what life would be like living as someone else. In this episode we talk about fictional characters in movies, books, television, comics etc. that we would like to step into the shoes of.


Episode 15

Crushes over 50

Beauty standards, today, skew towards the young and thin. Not on this episode, baby! On this episode, we talk about women over the age of 50 who we find amazing and attractive. Age doesn't matter and neither does looks when it comes to someone who is master of their craft. Is there a way to say we find these women attractive, while NOT sounding like creeps? If there is we haven't thought of it. We celebrate you ladies!

episode 16

"Favorite Trash T.V."

In this episode, we discuss something that unites us all: our love of wasting hours of our lives watching trash television. In this day and age we're all guilty of it, and these shows are as terrible as they are amazing. We talk about the highs and lows of years spent watching garbage. 


episode 17

"Fate Worse Than Death"

Death is up there as far as things that can really ruin your day, but there are somethings that are so horrible to imagine that we would rather die than experience them. 

What could be worse than dying?

We each came up with 3 ideas that could answer that question. 


Episode 18

"Best Christmas Presents"

In the season 1 finale, we recall back to a time when we were selfish little shits who bugged our parents for handouts. This episode is about those unforgettable gifts we received on Christmas throughout the years.

(We'll try to sound as humble as we can while also secretly wishing we could still get gifts like we used to...because we're greedy assholes!)

Season 2 starts January 8th!